about dee

Her name is Dika Heldis Pratiwi…just call her Dee..She was born in Malang, August 9th, 1986..She spent all of her life in Malang..n of course before he move to Jakarta n work in there…She have one lovely sister n’ one little brother..She went to SDN Blimbing 3 Malang (1992-1998), SLTP Negeri 3 Malang (1998-2001) and SMA Negeri 1 Malang (2001-2004). After that she continued her study to Law Faculty University of Brawijaya…She finished college and bachelor degree of Law on February 15th, 2008

From Rizky :

Kekeras hatian seorang dee, buat aku suka…why?? kalo ditanya kenapa, ku juga g tau jawabannya….maybe karena she is different from the other..hehe^^ bahkan karena kerasnya dy, bikin aku semangat banget buat dy jadi meleleh..hayah..bahasa apa ini..skrg cuman pengen dy selalu tersenyum n bahagia…coz senyum dy manis, jd pengen liat senyum itu terus..luv u bunbun…


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